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All About You

Here at Palmetto Consulting Services our focus is you! We specialize in complete timeshare removal. While most companies in the industry are only capable of deed removal or transfer, we GUARANTEE a complete termination of all your timeshare obligations.

Why Palmetto Consulting Services?

Our staff of consultants are industry qualified experts here to help whenever you need. Although every resort and case may be different, our staff will always ensure the most current and accurate data for your ownership and the termination process.

Timeshare Concerns

Can I Sell My Timeshare?

This one is a bit tricky. The short answer is not likely. At any given day there will be thousands of timeshares listed on the web for free, yes free.

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Who Gets My Timeshare When I'm Gone?

This question has been huge in the topic of timeshare. The answer might scare you if you're not already aware. Of course you can create...

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Can I Just Stop Paying?

Timeshare owners over the years have had their ups and downs with their timeshares. A majority of owners would love to just walk away,...

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About Palmetto Consulting Services

Our Experience

Established in 2018 set out to ensure timeshare owners had an honest solution of timeshare removal. The industry is flooded with middle men looking to make a profit on timeshare elimination. Here at Palmetto Consulting Services you’re directly at the source. Guaranteeing that there will be no hidden fees or excess expenses.

Our Approach

The only solution to protect yourself and your estate from timeshare is complete timeshare termination. We complete this by ensuring the process is followed to perfection. While most timeshare removal companies cut corners to produce higher profit margins, creating loopholes for the timeshare companies to drag you back in, at Palmetto Consulting Services we ensure we close the gap. What this results in for you is complete liability protection. You’re GUARANTEED you and your family are protected from the resort companies.

Why Us

Palmetto Consulting Services and our consultants have assisted thousands of timeshare owners in the removal process. We have never failed a case file. We ensure that every case is handled with the utmost care. When it comes to timeshare removal there are plenty of companies who ATTEMPT removal. Here at Palmetto Consulting Services we put a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on every contract. Not only will we guarantee your money back if your contract is not completed within 18 months, but we will also continue to pursue removal by any means necessary.


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