Can I Sell My Timeshare

This one is a bit tricky. The short answer is not likely.

At any given day there will be thousands of timeshares listed on the web for free, yes free. Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook, and several other outlets all have timeshares posted for sale for $1 or for free. These timeshare sit dormant and don’t get sold. Most people don’t take into consideration exactly what it takes to sell a timeshare. Transfering the deed only gets rid of the right to occupy a space, the real liability of a timeshare lies in the contract. The timeshare contract is where all the financial liabilities are held and the resort must be in agreement to the transfer. Timeshare resort companies typically look for a few key components for transfer, such as income, credit, and debt to income ratio. When these requirements are met the resorts will assess a transfer fee that may be in the thousands. The worst part is once the transfer is being done properly the resorts may disclose cost evaluations for the timeshare that would scare off any potential takers.