Step One

Meet & Greet

The first and most crucial part of the process is the meet and greet. Our consultants travel the globe meeting new clients every week. During our meeting we will discuss the industry of timeshare, the problems, and more. Call today to schedule your meeting!

Step Two

Financial Assessment

The real issue surrounding the industry of timeshare is the cost involved. Our consultants will do a detailed cost evaluation of your ownership and help you to establish a plan to eliminate your financial obligations.

Step Three


Once our consultants have established your termination falls within our
guidelines and warrants assistance, your contracts will be generated. Every
contract we sign includes a 12 month 100% money back guarantee.

Step Four

Document Collection

Although every timeshare case file may differ, most files will require the standard documentation. This would include a signed and notarized limited power of attorney of the property and an estoppel form along with any other documents requested by the case manager.

Step Five


You're done! Once we have received all the requested documents all we ask is for a little patience. Unfortunately it's not an overnight process. Our staff works extremely hard to keep the process as quick as possible. The average timeframe for the removal is 210 days.

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